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I’m Michele.

What qualifies me to deliver clarity to you? Experience. Lots of bumps and bruises, a passion for working with teams to capture the big picture, and a desire to help you get from here to there — once we clarify where there is.

My business experience is varied, from corporate banking to becoming third-generation owners of my family’s business, Mint Roofing. Yes, the corporate world can be intense, but there’s nothing quite like having your parents’ retirement hinge on your success to motivate.

Later I became involved in opening a community food co-op with some of the most dedicated volunteers you’ll ever meet. It’s a good story that involves pulling rabbits out of hats.

You can tell I have lots of stories. That’s because I’ve walked hundreds of miles in your shoes, and I started my consulting business (formerly called Vivid360) because I’m passionate about translating my experience into others’ success.

Work Experience

  • Mint Roofing, Co-owner
  • Harvest Moon, President
  • Former EOS Integrator
  • Grazzini Brothers, Board Member
  • Superior Consulting, Ad Board
  • US Bank, Marketing

Volunteer Work

  • WomenVenture, Mentor
  • Rotary Club of Orono, President
  • Dunwoody Alumni, Board Member
  • Business & Estate Advisers, Ad Board
  • Open Arms of Minnesota, Volunteer

Favorite quote

“You can’t see the whole picture from inside the frame.”

Les Brown

My Clifton Strengths








Don’t want to hear can’t;
want to hear how.

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