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There is an art to facilitating and coaching. It takes smarts, strength, creativity, and intuition. I take a head and heart approach when it comes to working with teams to help them on their journey to greatness. I put as much time and effort into the practicum as I do the people. Because at the end of the day, it takes strategy, people, and a kick-ass culture to get where you want to go.

Strategic Planning & Professional Facilitation

I am not a one-size-fits-all consultant – no cookie cutter approach here. Instead, I use my deep experience and industry knowledge to create custom solutions in partnership with leadership teams like yours.

Strategic Planning

I have worked with various “operating systems,” including EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System) and S2 (System & Soul™) for many years. Because I am not tied to any specific framework, we start with what you need rather than forcing you into a formulaic delivery model. Maybe you just need a refresh with whatever you’ve been using. Maybe there’s a tool you haven’t been able to tackle on your own. Or maybe, you need to improve team health so it’s easier for the team to drive the bus. At the end of the day, the key to business success does not lie in the operating system itself. The true magic is in the guidance.

Professional Facilitation

You can’t see the picture from inside the frame (so said someone really smart). Often in the messy middle of growth, teams find themselves too close to the business to be objective. As a facilitator, I help pull back the mirror to help teams see things more clearly with whatever it is they’re grappling with.

Having a facilitator also allows everyone in the meeting to fully participate, with no one internally having to serve that role. As we go, I’ll coach your team on productive facilitation so you can run better meetings independently as your growth stage gains clarity and confidence.

Together, we will work to build a solid foundation of trust, understanding, and accountability for sustainable growth.


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Team Builders

Business isn’t just about goals, process and accountability – it’s also about the people who are responsible for driving those results. Understanding how we are wired, how that affects the way we communicate and work, and celebrating what is right about each of us helps build healthy teams. And healthy teams drive better results.

I’m an expert at helping teams get stronger and function better, using a variety of carefully chosen tools as the springboard. Anyone can use these tools on their own, but it takes a skillful facilitator to make the results valuable. Whether you have a specific tool in mind, or would like me to make a recommendation based on your company, culture, and goals, I will leverage these tools to create a team-building experience that lasts well beyond our time together.

Short List of Team Enhancers

  • CliftonStrengths: Known to many as Strengths Finder, this assessment identifies individual strengths and how teams can work best, based on those strengths.
  • Certified Working Genius: A new and brilliant tool from Patrick Lencioni, this tool is less a personality assessment and more about productivity to help people identify the type of work that brings them joy and energy, and avoid burnout and frustration.
  • Positive Intelligence: Based on the book Positive Intelligence by Shirzad Chamine, we will explore how our minds can actually get in our own way. Discover what saboteurs are holding you and your team back from showing up in a healthy and positive way.

Curious about a different tool? Ask me.



Geared toward smaller, growing organizations that don’t have the budget for one-on-one consulting, a workshop is a great way to learn and implement strategic planning and tools in a cohort environment to take their business to the next level.

Plus, you have the advantage of peer learning and support.


Keynote Speaking

Great speakers are everywhere. What you need is an expert who will take the time to understand your group and your goals, and tailor a talk just for you. I’m a tell-it-like-it-is storyteller who will make you laugh, make you think, and get you pumped up to break through barriers – whatever they may be.

I speak on a variety of topics including women in business, transitioning multi-generational businesses, effective leadership, and of course, how to help create vision, strategy, process, and accountability.

Recent Engagements

Atlanta Summit Vistage Event (2022)

C. Charles Jackson
Leadership Series

Keynote Speaker

Kate Dunwoody
Scholarship Luncheon

Keynote Speaker

2018 International
Roofing Expo


2018 Finance and
Sustainability Conference

“I want to thank you again for doing a great job of facilitating yesterday’s meeting! You do a great job of listening and putting all our scattered comments and remarks (noise) into cohesive topics that allow us to become more focused. I am looking forward to our next session.”

Tim Cartwright
Chief Financial Officer, Citizens Independent Bank

“We truly appreciate the knowledge, compassion, and understanding that Michele brings to the table as our coach. We now have the skills and knowledge to look at our company from a different perspective, and have those difficult conversations while respecting everyone’s opinion and view.”

Lisa Schmid
COO/ Partner, Superior Consulting Services

Facilitating Important Changes

“Michele delivered invaluable guidance to our company, which was instrumental in the successful implementation of a new leadership structure. Ultimately, her support helped our company redirect our focus to the things that really matter using the right people within the company to get the job done.”

Darrin Drosky
Vice President, Grazzini Brothers

Keeping Teams Accountable

“For the past two years our senior leadership team has worked with Michele on creating a culture of accountability within our organization, and we continue to utilize the tools she’s given us religiously. Michele is a gifted facilitator who keeps us on track and helps us get ‘unstuck’ and out of our own way!”

Ann Cazaban
Executive Director, Southside Community Health Services

Simplifying the Complex

“My favorite thing about working with Michele is how she helps us accomplish large tasks very quickly. She simplifies the steps and what needs to get done. She offers up ideas to keep the team moving. And because of her experience working in a family business she knows what we are talking about.”

Melissa Schulze-Pelland
President & Owner, Phoenix Fixtures

A True Coach

“Michele came alongside our team and provided training for us to collaborate strategically. At first, we needed more guidance from her, but gradually we understood the process and required less of her time. All along, her direction was thoughtful, clear and professional. Team members do not always agree and Michele always remains controlled and helpful.”

Paula Norbom
CEO, Talencio

Proven Process

“Using an Operating System helped WomenVenture put into place tools to plan, grow and scale our organization. It is a simple, practical and strategic approach that any nonprofit can use to get their teams crystal clear on the vision, and, just as important, a process to achieve it. Michele’s guidance has been critical to the implementation process, and her insights as a user of the system have been extremely valuable.”

Elaine Wyatt
Former Executive Director, WomenVenture

Depth of Experience and Knowledge

“We reached out to Michele knowing her experiences in her own business and familiarity with our industry. Doing so has only helped our team evolve and continue to improve. She does an amazing job of providing a balanced perspective. She really listens, and is great at nudging conversations along, mitigating our tangents, as well as raising thoughtful questions to gain perspective. It takes a thoughtful and insightful individual to manage a meeting well, and Michele does an excellent job.”

John Embow
President, Grove Roofing

The Right Consultant for Company Culture

“When we were looking for a business consultant, we interviewed there consultants. All candidates provided the same services & offerings, but ultimately it came down to the person. I looked for who would be the person who would be the right fit for where our leadership team was at. Michele has the ability to adapt to the people she is working with to create an authentic relationship.”

Claire Ferrara
President & CEO, Standard Heating & Air Conditioning
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