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alternative to EOS entrepreneurial operating system

What is an alternative to EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®)?

The subject line of the email in my inbox was simple: Alternative to EOS®?

It was from a founder/CEO who had implemented EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) in his business using a certified coach, but was feeling like it had run its course.

When we met, he had many positive things to say about EOS®, but explained that nearly two years in, it was no longer delivering the same value and was becoming repetitive. Now what? he asked.

The Drawbacks of EOS®

I understood his frustration. He was not the first person to pose this question. I was an EOS® coach for many years (and agree it’s a good system), but because this model sticks to a very defined approach and set of tools, it can start to feel repetitive and lackluster.

It also doesn’t provide much flexibility to meet some organizations’ needs depending on where they are on their journey. EOS® is a franchise, and as such, needs to adhere to a very defined product.

A Fantastic Alternative to EOS®

Guess what? There are many other business operating systems out there!

Know what else? The foundational elements within these systems are very similar. The main difference, as I see it, is in the approach and implementation. I’ll throw in creativity and flexibility, as well.

Nearly two years ago, I became a certified System & Soul coach. It’s a great alternative to EOS®.

EOS® vs. System & Soul Operating System

System & Soul was founded by two former EOS® coaches/implementers who believed they could build a better mousetrap. One that could grow and flex with an organization and allow (encourage!) coaches to use a larger body of work to keep things fresh and bring greater value. Mission accomplished.

System & Soul also places a greater emphasis on culture and people, the two things that are really responsible for driving a business and attracting talent.

The name beautifully reflects the need for developing both the system and soul sides of any organization.

A System & Soul Success Story

I facilitated the first team meeting with the aforementioned CEO and his leadership team just a few weeks ago, and it was fun to see a renewed sense of energy and excitement.

Not to toot my own horn, but the coach can also make a difference! I love to learn and think outside the box… and my teams benefit from both.

Which Business Operating System is Right for You?

As a business coach with experience with both EOS® and System & Soul, I can help you find the best business operating system for your needs. Want to learn more? Let’s meet! Contact me.

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