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What is a Business Mastermind Group & is it Right for You?

You’ve heard of business mastermind groups, but what are they and how do they work? Is a mastermind group right for you?

Simply put: Great Coaching + Peer Learning = Small Business Mastermind

What Are the Benefits of a Business Mastermind Group?

My business Mastermind Groups provide access for smaller businesses who would most likely be hard-pressed to hire a business coach to work with them one-on-one, but crave the guidance so that they can scale their business with confidence, AND learn alongside a group of peers who are in the same boat.

The combination is killer, and I’ve done it with great success.

How Big Are Mastermind Groups?

I keep my business mastermind groups small with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 people.

A business Mastermind Group is for entrepreneurs of smaller businesses looking for guidance, growth and clarity. It’s a way to learn business concepts and tools in a cohort environment guided by an experienced business coach.

How Does a Business Mastermind Group Work?

With me as your guide, we will learn what it means to create a compelling vision and strategy and then learn tools to help you execute with clarity and confidence. Additionally, you will build valuable relationships with other entrepreneurs who are walking the walk.

Why Would I Join a Mastermind Group?

I offer these Masterminds because I understand the struggle. You’re smart, you’ve got a great service or product, you love what you’re doing but feel overwhelmed. Maybe you feel unsure or are second-guessing yourself.

Totally get it. But now let’s do something about it!

Meet Michele, Expert Business Consultant

My name is Michele Krolczyk and I’m a business consultant. My business experience is varied, from corporate banking to becoming third-generation owners of my family’s business, Mint Roofing.

I’m a certified System & Soul Coach, a former EOS implementer, and Working Genius Certified, and I love working with small businesses.

How Can We Get Started?

If you’re looking to gain guidance, growth and clarity for your small business, let’s talk. I’d love to help you get there (and help you figure out where “there” is). Learn more and get started today.

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Hi! I’m Michele.

I’m passionate about educating and equipping teams with the tools to strengthen the operations and structure of an organization. My method is designed to create clarity, alignment and growth within your company.

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