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Growing up Zumbusch: Hard Work, Creativity & Collaboration

My parents have been on my mind a lot lately.

I suppose the recent passage of both Mother’s and Father’s Day makes one reflective, and those holidays inevitably get my own kids quizzing me about my memories and takeaways of growing up a Zumbusch.

My parents didn’t just raise a family, they built a brand.

I am the fourth of five kids and over the years, I’ve come to realize that my parents didn’t just raise a family, they built a brand. Anyone who has encountered the Zumbusch brand knows that it’s synonymous with caring deeply and getting shit done. We can solve all problems, big and small, with creativity and hard work. Always.

Moving? There will be an entire army there with trucks and cleaning supplies. Best to get out of the way, we move fast.

Sick or in crisis? We’ve got you. And then some. It’s like ninjas who inherently know how to move together to cover all the bases.

Need to flock a tree? My mom could do it with her vacuum cleaner. True story.

My parents were the epitome of hard work and knew all about problem solving. Both grew up in farm families where everyone was expected to pitch in. As a kid, I fondly remember the crazy harvest time when you were either out picking in the garden, or in the kitchen canning and freezing. (And yes, I know how to butcher a chicken and clean it free of feathers.)

When my parents bought Dalbec Roofing (now Mint Roofing), they used the last of their savings to buy a building for the company, and spent their 35th wedding anniversary erecting a wall to create a space for the sheet metal shop. I watched them swinging hammers side by side, admiring their fortitude and collaboration.

Trust me, it wasn’t always easy growing up in a family with these high expectations. But these values and ethics have served me well in my life and career. I bring the full force of the Zumbusch brand to every engagement: Hard work. Creativity. Collaboration.

Thanks, Mom and Dad. Your brand lives on.

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