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what is a business operating system?

What is a Business Operating System?

A Business Operating System is a framework that allows organizations to crystalize a compelling vision/strategy, and employ a set of disciplines and tools to help support it.

It’s the way in which all of the people in the organization become clear on how to harness all its energy and move it in a clear direction.

Business Operating System Examples

Some of you may be familiar with EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System). That’s one of many Business Operating Systems. I was an EOS coach for many years. It’s a good system.

When I left EOS to seek something with more flexibility, I spent a considerable amount of time researching various operating systems. I’ve heard it said that there’s nothing new in the game of business, and I believe my research confirmed that. The core tenets are essentially the same in all of them.

A Business Operating System is a framework that allows organizations to crystalize a compelling vision/strategy, and employ a set of disciplines and tools to help support it.

Where my search did take me, was to System & Soul (S2). It’s brilliant in its approach because it marries up the “system” side of an organization with the “soul” side (the people, leadership, and culture).

Businesses Are Powered by People

I think it’s common for leaders to get so wrapped up in the system side of things, they fail to realize that it’s still all powered by people. And if you haven’t heard, people and culture are kind of a big deal these days.

So while I think the content of the various operating systems is very similar, the underlying approach of how it’s packaged and delivered can be quite different.

Can Business Operating Systems be DIY?

Most of these systems can be self-implemented, meaning that someone in the organization can take the lead on building out all of the elements. My hat goes off to these brave souls. I was one of them! It’s not impossible… but it is challenging.

The “directions” may seem straightforward, but there is plenty of room for interpretation and you don’t know what you don’t know. The going is slower and often frustrating. One of my favorite quotes is, “You can’t see the picture from inside the frame.” So true!

How a Business Coach Can Help You

Enter the role of a coach. This person can be as valuable as the system itself. I’ve been doing this work with Leadership Teams for years helping smooth out the bumps and building/developing a team to move the organization forward.

I teach the team to be masters of the concepts and tools so that they can be confident champions within the organization.

Let me know how I might be able to help. All you have to do is “Ask Michele.”

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